How to get to Montenegro

Traveling to Montenegro is surprisingly easy by plane, car, train or ferry.

Welcome to Montenegro

Montenegro is a southern European and Mediterranean country. It is one of the southernmost European countries and extends to the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. About 550 km from Rome, 1,500 from Paris and Berlin, and about 2,000 km west of Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the heart of Europe.

Flights to and from Montenegro

How to get to Montenegro? The best airports to aim for are Podgorica (MNE) and Tivat (MNE) or the closest to Montenegro airports are Dubrovnik Cilipi (HR), Tirana Rinas (Al) or Serbia Nikola Tesla (SRB). 

The national airline Air Montenegro flies directly to Podgorica and Tivat from Belgrade, Frankfurt, Paris, Lyon, Zurich, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Prague, London.

Ryanair fly from London Stansted to Podgorica, EasyJet fly from Manchester and London Gatwick to Tivat, TUI Airways fly from London Gatwick and Birmingham to Podgorica airport TGD.

TUI Airways Ireland Operating out of three airports in Ireland – Dublin, Cork and Shannon – we fly to 30 different locations around the world.

How to get to Montenegro by Train or Car

Traveling by train to Montenegro is easy and offers one of the most exciting train journeys across the mountains from Serbia to Montenegro. From the border of Montenegro, the train stops at railway stations from the north to the south of Montenegro in the cities: Bijelo Polje, Kolašin, Mojkovac, Podgorica and Bar.

The Belgrade-Bar railway connects the Adriatic and Pannonian basins, ie southern and central Europe, in a meridian direction. At the same time, the coastal part of the sea, along with international waters, forms the border with Italy.

If you are driving from Western Europe, we recommend that you head through Croatia to the Dalmatian city of Split. From there you simply drive along the Adriatic coast to Dubrovnik, continue to the Montenegrin border Debeli Brijeg.

Welcome to the southern part of Montenegro. The towns by the sea are Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor, Budva, Petrovac, Bar and Ulcinj. The total length of the Montenegrin coast is 293 km, while the total length of the beaches is 73 km. The longest beach is in Ulcinj, 12 km long.

How to get to Montenegro by Sea

Montenegro can also be reached by sea. Montenegro Lines ferry sail from Bari and Ancona in Italy to the port of Bar twice a week, can be reached by big cruise ships in port of Kotor and Bar and by yachts in Porto Montenegro, Poro Novi, port of Buva and Kotor.

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