Taxi in Tivat

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There are various public transport options in Tivat, but it is not always easy to use them to get to the desired locations. You can choose public transport in case you have a lot of time and long walks to reach your destination.

Transport at Tivat airport

There are no public transport stops around Tivat Airport. To move between public transport going to Budva or Kolasin, you need to walk 1.4 km with a bag from the bus station to Tivat airport. In case you intend to get from Tivat airport to the center of Tivat, you will have to walk to the Tivat bus station which is 1.4 km away.

In Montenegro, taxis are a fairly common mode of transportation. However, one should be careful about one thing. There are numerous taxi organizations that are regulated and operate with predictable prices, there are also independent drivers who will have taxi signs on their vehicles. The prices of these independent taxis are not fixed and they can charge you whatever they want. Especially when you can’t communicate with them using a common language, it can lead to unexpected costs and even quarrels. In general, you can recognize these independent taxis by the fact that they do not have company logos and vehicle numbers.

You can use the services of a private taxi. These are companies that work as taxis, but offer better services such as airport and hotel transfers. They can pick you up from the exact place where you agreed and you can know the exact cost you will have with them because you will get a fixed price. In case you are in a hurry, you have a lot of things to take or travel with your family, don’t worry and they also have vans and minibuses in their fleet. Consider booking a taxi in advance.

It is much better to order a taxi through the website. If you need to go to the city from Tivat airport, you can also find a lot of taxis waiting in front of Tivat airport. But again, as we mentioned, some of them will be unregulated drivers, and their prices can be surprisingly high. So, if you want to avoid independent taxis, you can book a taxi at the top of this page at affordable fixed prices, without stress and additional costs. You can also pay for our taxi service with a VISA, MASTER and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card. In case for some reason you want to cancel the taxi service, just call or send a request by e-mail and we will refund your money for free.

What happens once I've booked my airport transfers?

When you book your transfers from Tivat Airport with Go Montenegro, you’ll receive an email confirmation. This has got information on it about where to find your driver, as well as provider contact details, so print it off and take it with you.

Help! My flight is delayed!

If your flight is held up, don’t worry. Call the phone number on your confirmation and let your provider know. They’ll sort out an transfer for when you arrive.

All private transfers will make no stops and take you directly to your accommodation.

If your driver can’t get to the door of your hotel, you will be dropped off at a convenient, nearby location instead.

Investigate our transfer prices to the city of Tivat and the airport for our most frequently booked locations.
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